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What does your website say about you while you sleep?

Give yourself the gift of time and money!

Did you know… ? The average web design project:

  • Takes 2-6 months to launch from start to finish

  • Costs $3000+

Hi, I’m Nedra, and I’ve been building websites for more than 10 years!

As a key tool for your business, a solid website:

  • Keeps your “office door” open online 24/7

  • Builds relationships, converting a cold market to a warm market, and

  • Brings business in the door while you sleep

This online course will eliminate all the guesswork when it comes to website building. You won't have to understand HTML, or watch endless youtube videos on how Wordpress works. No longer will you have to work with contractors who always go over on budget and can’t keep timelines. Costs from doing this can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

This training is truly invaluable for you to save time, and save money, and learn from all my years of experience, and learn the exact steps to launching your website. I will show you the right way to build a website, and give you step by step instructions on every part of the process.

What you can expect after taking this online class: 

  1. Learn how to keep your website secure

  2. Understand how to find and source recommended plugins

  3. Get savvy on the best places to source and develop images

  4. Step-by-step info around adding/editing content, and

  5. Last but definitely not least, get strategic about your website! We’ll cover where to find the best WordPress themes and great Blogging practices.


A quick note of celebration! My website is getting close. I've started to share it with others and I am getting great feedback. This feels SO good! I feel like my learning curve has been so small after your class.
Leah K Walsh Wellness Coach & Creative Visionary
I needed someone to show me how to do this the right way (build a website) and be my own website designer.
Maria Rice Chow This
I spent two years trying to figure out what to do with my website. It just floated out there on the Internet, neglected and ignored. Since Nedra's workshop, I have made decisions and changes to my website with a new sense of confidence. It's still a work in progress, and I think it always will be, but Nedra helped me realize that it's okay to tweak my website to fit the changing needs of my business and gave me the tools to do so. Nedra has a knack for communicating about technology in a very human-centric way...just what I need in a tech teacher!
Kendra KarysMa Birth


Before You Begin

Wordpress Basics


Choosing a Wordpress Theme


WordPress Pages & Posts


Blogging Practices


Using Images


WordPress Plugins & Widgets


WordPress Security


About Your Instructor

Nedra Rezinas

Nedra Rezinas

Instructor Title

Nedra Rezinas established Blue Deer Forest in 2005 out of necessity and passion for web development. Beginning with her efforts to advocate for the overlooked voices in business, Nedra has directed the growth of Blue Deer Forest to become a support system for small-business technical needs.  With over 10 years of experience working with Wordpress, Nedra can navigate through the ins and outs of the content management system. She regularly presents workshops at PCC Climb and presents to groups and events around the Portland Metro area, including Ignite Portland 2008 with an audience of over 800 attendees.


How to Set up a WordPress Site

WordPress Security

How to Blog

How to choose a WordPress Theme

Adding Content to Pages & Posts

Customizing Images


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